Green tea extract weight loss Supplement: Does it work?

Is green tea extract weight loss and a beneficial supplement safe? Whether it is possible to lose weight with green tea extract.

While many green tea benefits weight loss have already been a popular beverage, best green tea extract as supplements for weight loss is doing the trick. Know how effective and how safe it is to use green tea extract for weight loss.

Green tea extract is derived herbal leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis, available as a liquid and the capsule. The active ingredients in the extract are known to have antioxidant and cholesterol lowering properties.

Green tea extract is a supplement for weight loss?

Green tea extract contains polyphenols and catechins, the most important of which is epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. These substances are powerful antioxidants that help detoxify free radicals in the body. Most of the health benefits of green tea are supposed to be because of these antioxidants.

In addition to their antioxidant, catechins are also known to stimulate the metabolism in the body. Green tea also contains caffeine, a substance known to increase energy expenditure by the body. Overall, catechins, EGCG and caffeine in particular serve as fat burners. According to a study by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition Thielecke and other EGCG also can prevent the development of fat cells and reduce the absorption of fats while increasing the use of fat for energy production.

How much weight loss with green tea extract

Green tea extract weight loss
According to the study, low-dose EGCG or a daily dose of 300 milligrams, could lead to a 33% increase in fat oxidation during the two hours after a meal. A combination of EGCG and caffeine, which are found in the green tea extract, caused a greater increase in fat burning. While other tests have also shown that there is a reduction in body fat with green tea extract and its catechin content, others find that it actually enhances the metabolism by about 4%.

But the use of green tea extract is not likely to cause weight reduction overnight. The boost 4% EGCG giving energy expenditure amounts to something like 70 to 80 calories per day. This, however, can give additional thrust to someone who has already exercised and watch their diet.

Green tea extract weight loss and security

Green tea extract contains caffeine it, but in smaller quantities compared to coffee. This can cause anxiety, irritability and inability to sleep in those sensitive to it. It may be better to use the variety without caffeine. Also, other side effects and drug interactions and allergic reactions have been reported with its use. People with heart problems or high blood pressure, kidney problems and thyroid disorders, particularly hyperthyroidism or over activity of the thyroid gland should be cautious with the use of this supplement and are better advised to do so only after consulting their doctor

The use of green tea extract weight loss seems promising, but the results are probably the best when green tea extract is combined with proper diet and exercise.

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Read more details on how to use green tea extract capsules for weight loss.

Green tea capsules - 5 benefits of green tea extract

You can be one of those who do not like drinking tea so consider taking green tea capsules instead. You may be wondering what are the benefits of green tea extract and if they are the same as the actual drink? Okay, so let's look at 5 benefits of this wonderful excerpt.

I'm talking tea is unfermented product of the camellia sinensis plant. The same plant, when the leaves are fermented oolong tea weight loss  provides and black tea, but the health benefits are reduced because of the fermentation. The green tea leaves were steamed so that components remain healing.

Compounds in green tea such as gallic acid, epigallocatechin gallate, epigallocatechin, epicatechin gallate and epicatechin are supposed to be the reason for the many benefits it contains.

  • This extract is thought to reduce cholesterol to a more acceptable level, reducing the risk of heart disease. Most of us these days tend to be higher than what is healthy for our cholesterol levels.
  • Stomach problems are also reduced. Also helps prevent headaches, vomiting and diarrhea. An easy way to help prevent these problems if you are sensitive to any of them.
  • Green Tea Capsules contain antibacterial properties that are expected to reduce the bacterium that causes dental plaque. Reduced plaque helps to reduce the incidence of dental caries.
  • Weight loss is another benefit. It is effective in combination with other products. The extract is thought to increase the effect of burning calories.
  • Another advantage includes sun damage and cancer sunburn or any other environmental cause. This is probably due to the high content of antioxidants such as EGCG. It also helps other types of solid cancer tumors.

 Now that you know at least 5 at least the benefits of green tea extract, you might consider taking the extract in synergy with other quality products rather than simply capsules of green tea to give you all above benefits and much more to achieve the vitality and total balance.