Dieters green tea

tea is a quick way to lose weight easily. This diet is tasty, especially for tea lovers. Also is definitely not the magic formula for weight loss but it is one of the best and healthiest foods you can add to your daily schedule. Start each morning with a cup of this leaves can help you to lose weight.

this herbal helps boost your metabolism. You can burn 80 extra calories per day just by adding  tea to your diet. This is a substance which is called catechin responsible for weight loss effect of tea. If you do not like the taste of tea, you can buy best green tea extract to obtain the rate of catechins that you want. Read the ingredients label before buying any green tea supplement.

In addition, this herbal is light in caffeine compared to coffee as a beverage, but as there is caffeine, do not consider it as part of your daily water intake. Instead, drink a little water to offset the effect of caffeine from tea. Drink tea as much as you want. Throughout the period of diet, you can drink  herbal tea 3-4 times a day with 1 to 2 teaspoons of jam or honey.
dieters green tea

Diet program: 3 days. On the menu:
Day 1: fruit, cheese, soup, fruit salad.
Day 2: 1 egg, cheese, salad vegetables, fruits, ice cream, boiled vegetables, a piece of rye bread.
Day 3:  1 egg, low fat yogurt, an apple, 0.007 pound of fish, salad vegetables.

A dieters green tea to improve your health

You should consider replacing your eggs and ham health with tea and ham the next time you have lunch in the morning - or at any other time. It seems that a dieters green tea has several properties of these elixirs of youth fountains jouvences and potions that we have heard over time. Here are just a:

The decline in Alzheimer's disease - A diet green tea can delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease. A British study found that drinking this herbal inhibits the secretion of three major enzymes: acetylcholinesterase, butyrylcholinesterase and beta secretase. Before entangle your language these words three dollars, know that these enzymes are associated with disruption of messenger enzymes and the formation of plaques and protein deposits in the gray matter - major obstacles to a crystalline thought.

Fight the Flu - Some researchers incorporate tea to your diet is a key strategy to fight against the flu. Drinking this green leaves stimulates the heroic gamma-delta T cells received free of Mother Nature, which increases your immunity to this virus. One of the ingredients of  tea, L-theanine called, stimulates T cells to the point of them generate 10 times more interferon. Simply gargling with green tea covers the mucosa with the ingredients of the tea catechins, which successfully neutralizes the influenza virus.

Struggle with being overweight - An article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently concluded that a dieters green tea increases metabolism and fat oxide - without increasing heart rate. This last point deserves some attention, as an elevated heart rate may lead to adverse effects. Since there are only two ways of getting rid of fat - reduce caloric intake (diet) and increase energy expenditure (exercise) - this leaves can significantly help people who cannot follow a diet, at least, successfully. And expend energy without changing the heart rate is more than winning these methods of stimulating weight loss alternative.

You find the idea interesting, but you cannot stand the taste? Do not despair. Extracts of green tea are available in capsule form, and then you will need another excuse. Taken as a dietary supplement, the extracts are available capsules of 500 milligrams taken two to three times per day. It is not so difficult, is not it? And no aftertaste and more!

Whether you take it in pill or sips, the benefits of incorporating  tea diet cannot be ignored. Well, they can, but it would be stupid, right? And as you're smart enough to read this article, it proves that you have something more in the brain, right? But I digress - the point is to consume this herbat, one way or another. And if you're not ready to let go of your eggs and ham, well, at least add green tea to your meal. But if you find the green on your ham ... rid yourself!

Dieters green tea:

how this herbal diet work?

Contrary to what one might think, tea diet is not composed solely of drinking green tea, but this drink comes in addition to a hypocaloric diet or even a balanced diet. This system will allow you to lose weight in a very short time: this is the ideal diet to lose weight fast and well, is known for its slimming properties, since it will reduce the fat and cleanse your body.

Green tea diet will occur over a period of about a week and it may be extended, but only with medical advice. Indeed, if this diet allows you to green tea lose weight result quickly, it also has a significant laxative effect. It is also essential to know that consuming tea; you'll burn 80 extra calories per day. What is the cause of weight loss is the catechins present in this herbal leaves, and for those who do not like the taste of tea, you have the option to purchase green tea extract you can incorporate into your diet and so you rate catechin you want.

You will therefore understand: throughout this diet, you drink tea at will, but also herbal tea three to four times a day with one to two tablespoons of coffee, jam or honey.

What is a kind of green tea diet day?

- Breakfast: a cup of tea and an apple.
- 40 minutes before breakfast: a cup of green tea.
- Lunch: a boiled egg, a cheese 0%, a tomato, leeks, a slice of wholemeal bread.
- Snack: a cup of tea, a slice of bread and two slices of cheese 0%.
- Dinner: soup, grilled fish, salad with carrots.
- After dinner: a cup of green tea.

How much weight will I lose with green tea diet?

herbal diet will help you lose up to 6.61 pounds in 7 days. But beware, it is very important to seek medical advice to continue beyond a week.

How much green tea diet?

This scheme is totally free since you can do at home: you will simply buy  green tea extract.

What is the highlight of this plan?

The highlight of this system is undoubtedly staggering weight loss that you get in the space of a week, while eating balanced and only by incorporating dieters  green tea in your regular journey.


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